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Cass Information Systems: They hire data verification and data entry workers, however, their position is very location-based. If the position is available, you’ll see it listed as “Data Verification Clerk.” You must train onsite for a few weeks before you can do the job from home.

The Smart Crowd: This is more of a side income source than anything else, because the pay is very low.

There are more companies for making money on the side like this one here.

Dion Data: This is a data entry company that has been around for years, but they don’t hire that often.

Red Vision: This company occasionally has online data entry jobs posted. Check their careers page for openings. I also see the jobs posted on, and when I do,  I usually include them on the Job Postings page.

Smart Locating: If they are hiring, they often post data entry jobs on Craigslist. They usually state that a face-to-face meeting is needed first. They are based in Texas, so it’s probably a good idea if you live near one of their locations.

Xerox: Every now and then, Xerox has online data entry jobs listed on their Careers website. However, the job is usually location-based, and you must work on site for one week before being allowed to work at home. Visit their Careers page and type in “work from home data entry” in the keywords box to see if this position is available.

Amazon MTurk: There are a lot of data entry tasks, such as entering shopping receipt data, but you will have to do a search for it.

Clickworker: This is another short task site similar to mTurk (above). They often have data entry tasks available.

If you’re a creative at heart, try out these companies that often offer online design jobs, including graphic design and photography. I’ve broken them down into marketplaces where you can sell your own designs, companies that accept design work, real estate photography companies that hire freelance photographers, stock photography sites, and job boards specifically dedicated to designers.


Companies that Accept Designs, Illustrations, and Photography

Real Estate Photography

  • Obeo: This is a real estate photography site that hires freelancers who have their own equipment, which at minimum should include a hot-shoe flash and an 18mm wide angle lens (or better). Must be able to set appointments with Obeo’s clients. Payment is on a “per-house” basis
  • Tour This Place
  • Virtual Home Tours: Another real estate photography site that hires freelancers. Looks to be hiring in Ohio.

Stock Photography

Job Boards

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