Transcription Companies

Transcription Companies

Are you a speedy typist with a good ear? You may want to try finding work at these companies that offer transcription jobs online. As with all of the companies listed in this directory, they may not always be hiring, so bookmark them and check back at a later time. And, you may not always hear back right away if you do apply. I’m sure these companies get flooded with applicants, so patience is a virtue when applying for work at home transcription jobs.

I have broken them down into four categories:

  1. No to Little Experience Required
  2. Experience Required
  3. Medical Transcription Companies (need specialized training)
  4. Captioning Companies (real-time captioners need crazy fast typing, just FYI)

Please also note that just about every company requires you to pass a test of some sort as well, even if no experience is required. Good luck!

No to Little Experience Required

  1. 1-888-Type-It-Up
  2. 3PlayMedia
  3. AccuTran Global: Hires in U.S. and Canada
  4. CastingWords
  5. Focus Forward
  6. GMR Transcription
  7. Neal R. Gross & Co.
  8. Quicktate
  9. Read review
  10. Scribie
  11. SpeechInk (now called SpeechPad): Hires through’s mTurk service.
  12. Tigerfish
  13. TranscribeMe
  14. Transcribe Team
  15. TSI Transcripts
  16. Ubiquis
  17. VerbalInk
  18. Way with Words
  19. CrowdSurf: Works through’s mTurk service.

Some Experience Required (2+ Years)

  1. Allegis Communications
  2. Alice Darling Secretarial Services
  3. At Home Typing Service
  4. Athreon
  5. BAM! Transcription: You’ll have to contact them via their contact form to get information on how to apply.
  6. Birch Creek Communications
  7. Cambridge Transcriptions
  8. Cyberdictate
  9. eTranscription Solutions
  10. Expedict
  11. Fantastic Transcripts
  12. Get Transcribed
  13. Hollywood Transcriptions
  14. Mulberry Studios
  15. Net Transcripts
  16. Orion Transcription Services
  17. Production Transcripts
  18. RNK Transcription
  19. SameDay Transcriptions
  20. Say It Back
  21. Scribie
  22. Silent Secretary
  23. Speakwrite
  24. Speech to Text Service
  25. Transcript Divas
  26. Transcription Experts
  27. We Scribe It

Medical Transcription Companies

All medical transcription companies require some experience, and preference will be given to those who have completed medical transcription courses. Please check each listing to see the details.

  1. A & P Transcription
  2. Absolute Transcription
  3. Advanced Transcription, Inc.
  4. Athreon
  5. Cyber Dictate
  6. Dictate Express
  7. eTranscription Solutions
  8. Hollywood Transcription
  9. Landmark Associates
  10. Modern Day Scribe
  11. MD-IT
  12. Orion Transcription
  13. OutSec
  14. Perfect Transcription
  15. Preferred Transcriptions
  16. Production Transcripts
  17. Reporting USA
  18. Same Day Transcriptions
  19. Say It Back
  20. Silent Secretary
  21. Speak Write
  22. StenTel
  23. SoftScript
  24. SpectraMedi
  25. Take 1
  26. Talk 2 Type Transcriptions
  27. TASK Transcription
  28. Terescription
  29. Transcription Centre
  30. TSI Transcription Services
  31. Transcription Experts
  32. Transcription Outsourcing, LLC
  33. Voxtab
  34. Way With Words
  35. We Scribe It
  36. Word Wizards
  37. Written Communications
  38. Ubiqus

Captioning Companies

In general, experience will be required for captioning services, as you are expected to have insanely fast and accurate typing speeds. (Ahem, which I do not, ha!)

  1. Caption Colorado
  2. Caption Max
  3. Caption Media Group
  4. Rev Captions
  5. US Captioning
  6. Vitac

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