Get Paid to Drive Your Car (or Rent It)! Going Beyond Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar

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Updated April 25, 2020

Yes, you read it right. You can get paid to drive your car, whether it’s through advertising, ride sharing, delivery, or renting out your car. Some people even earn a decent living doing this, but it’s also great for generating a side income. I’ve broken down the companies into lists for each method for earning money for driving you car:

Rideshare & Delivery Services

Here are four companies that are hiring people to act as taxis, hired car services, or a delivery service. They use smartphone apps for people to locate drivers in their areas for pickup and drop-off. Note that your car must be in decent condition, and you must be able to pass background checks.

  • Uber: Make up to $25 per hour driving for Uber before expenses and Uber’s 20% cut in your fees.
  • Lyft: This company claims you can make up to $35 per hour driving for them, but sources I’ve checked make it seem more like up to $25 per hour. It offers additional insurance coverage for its drivers (at no cost to the driver!), and is the only ride share company to do so. (Note: I am in the process of getting approved to drive for Lyft, so check back for more information!)
  • Sidecar: Earn up to $25 per hour for making deliveries. Not always accepting applications, so keep checking back if they are not currently hiring.
  • Amazon Flex: Get paid to make deliveries for Amazon ($18 to $25 per hour). Only available in limited metro areas in the United States, but they are constantly expanding!

Car Rental

And last but not least, these two companies will pay you to rent out your car to others with no driving required on your part. You act as a car rental service!

  • Getaround: Limited to certain geographic areas. You must have a Facebook account to register as a car owner.
  • Turo: Limited to certain geographic areas. Earn an extra $200 per month or more for registering as a car owner.

Are there any other services you know of that allow you to get paid to drive your car? Let me know in the comments.

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