Rev Transcription Review: A Company for Freelance Transcription Jobs Online

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As someone who occasionally does work as a freelance transcriptionist at this company, I thought I’d write a Rev transcription review using whatever information I could find online about it for those interested in transcription jobs online. A lot has been taken from’s website, but I have found a few reviews of it elsewhere and included the information here.

Rev Transcription Review

Rev Transcription is an online transcription company that offers transcription jobs online. Two former oDesk employees, Jason Chicola and Josh Breilinger, founded it. They operate in the United States, United Kingdom, and even the Philippines, so work is not limited to the United States.

What kinds of transcription work are available?

This seems to vary, but it’s mainly general transcription. Doesn’t look like they do medical or legal. To quote the website directly: “Transcribe a police investigation one day and book research the next.”

Also, you are able to choose your own projects. You don’t have to transcribe that police investigation if you don’t want to. 🙂

They also have captioning available, which looks like fun as you get to watch videos and type what you hear.

Do you need experience?

On the application page, there is a statement about hiring only skilled transcribers. However, they never ask how much experience you have during the application process. So, if you do well on the sample audio files, you could get hired without having a whole lot of experience. 

What does pay?

Looks like they pay $0.36 to $0.65 per audio minute for transcription. They use a bonus pay structure, which is why the rate varies. The average monthly pay for transcriptionists is $240, with the top earnings at $1,495.

If you want to do caption work, it pays slightly better at $0.45 to $0.75 per minute. Average earnings are about $240 per month, with top earners making about $1,570.

They also have foreign language subtitle work, which pays even more at $1.50 to $3.00 per minute. Average earnings are about $958 per month.

To someone with a lot of experience with transcription, I’d say the pay is low. Because it is a low rate, and there is no set schedule or hourly requirement, is probably a good place for beginners.

Pay is made once a week via PayPal no matter what sort of work you do, and there are no issues that I’ve found with getting paid.

Is there any special equipment needed?

According to the website, all you need is a computer and Internet connection. But, I bet having a foot pedal and ExpressScribe software would be a big help, as it makes transcription work go a lot faster.

How do I apply?

This link will take you to their application page. There is a short grammar and word choice quiz to take, along with a small writing sample you must provide. After that, you download the style guide, transcribe the two sample audio files, then upload the sample. Captioning and subtitle work are a little different as they have different tools you must use, but it’s the same sort of structure.

Unfortunately, there is no set time for hearing back from them about your application, so it could take awhile to know if you were accepted or not.  It is also possible they are not hiring, in which case you may forget you even applied before you hear back.

All in all, it sounds like is a good place for beginner transcribers to start out, or a place for transcribers who are only looking for supplemental income. If you do apply and get hired, please let me know about your experiences with this company, and if you thought this Rev transcription review was accurate.

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