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Sell Your Stuff

Another side income source I love is to sell stuff online. Whether it’s books, DVDs, old electronics, or even clothes, there’s a place where you can make a few bucks here and there selling to those who may be looking for a gently used item. Some of the bigger names in the game are: You can sell just about anything on I’ve sold a number of books, DVDs, old electronics, etc. It has such a huge presence online, and a lot of people know that you can get a great deal from folks like me who just want to clear their shelves. You can also trade in what doesn’t sell for an gift card. If you do a lot of your purchasing through Amazon, it’s a win-win!

Craigslist: If you haven’t heard of or used Craigslist by now, then it’s possible you may have been living under a rock! 😉 I like Craigslist for selling bigger items that would be impossible to ship, or didn’t sell at a garage sale. I used to sell a lot of stuff on here, but with the fees and the fact that listings expire, I just don’t use it anymore. But, I know plenty of people who do, so don’t let me discourage you!

Facebook Marketplace: I don’t know about you, but I see tons of stuff for sale in my local Facebook Marketplace. Definitely worth a look!

LetGo: Offers an app to sell just about anything.

OfferUp: Another app for listing things for sale.

But, if you would like to try other websites to find the best price for your used goods, check these out:

Used Books & Textbooks

Electronics, CDs, DVDs, and Video Games

Clothes & Accessories

Handy E-Books on Reselling


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