50+ Companies that Hire Freelance Writers

50+ Companies that Hire Freelance Writers

Here’s a list of over 50 companies that hire freelance writers. You'll find a little bit of everything, from parenting, to travel, to resume writing, to academia.

Please note that the vast majority of these companies may not always be hiring, could have a wait list, or the pay rate may have changed. I’d bookmark these and keep checking back!

  1. A Pass Education: This company offers educational assessment writing jobs. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree required.
  2. Academic Experts: Must have a PhD or a master’s degree.
  3. AutoShopper: Open to writers in the US, UK, and Canada. This car-related website hires editorial writers. Must have expert-level knowledge about automobiles.
  4. Appingo
  5. BKA Content
  6. Verblio: Write blog posts for businesses, and if the business likes and uses your post, you  get paid.
  7. Buy Keyword Articles
  8. Consumer Press
  9. Content Divas: They will assign you packages to  write.
  10. Content Runner: On this website, you can write articles and post them for   sale.
  11. Cracked: Claims to pay you $100 for your first approved article. You will also get a byline, so it could be good for exposure.
  12. Distance Web: They hire experienced copywriters desired for for ads, web sites, and email marketing initiatives.
  13. EditFast
  14. Ezdia
  15. Get a Copywriter
  16. GoDotMedia
  17. HireWriters: They also hire for proofreading, research, and article rewriting. Starting pay is rather low, but you can get higher rates as you improve your ratings. There is lots of work available.
  18. The Hoth: Regularly hires native English speaking writers to create SEO   content.
  19. Internet Brands
  20. iWriter
  21. Kirkus Media
  22. Lifehack
  23. Life Tips
  24. Listverse
  25. LovetoKnow

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