About Me

Who am I? In the day and age of a pandemic, I have to ask myself that every day (kidding).

confused chamber of secrets GIF by Harry Potter

But for now, I’m a middle-aged mom to twins living in southwest Ohio, and I’ve been working from home in some fashion since they were born in 2012.

My day job when I’m not attempting to teach my 2nd graders is working as an editor and website updater (for lack of a better term).

I’ve tried blogging, and I have found myself getting too mired in the details of setting up a website to get anywhere.

All I really want to do is share all of my hand curated work-at-home and freelance job leads with people who don’t feel like combing through all of the scams to find real ways to work at home.

I also just want share posts from expert work-at-home, side hustle, and freelance bloggers. These posts will be from the people I've followed for years. They gave me the courage to "leave the cube behind."

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